Travel to Portugal by Plane, Train, and Bus

Portugal is an underrated European gem that offers something special for everyone.
Travelers looking for a peaceful retreat will find that Portugal offers stunning landscapes, beaches, mountains and delicious food – making it the ideal getaway.
Portuguese people are warm and passionate about their country. Portugal boasts a vibrant culture and rich history.
Travel to Portugal by plane and be rewarded with stunning beaches, rocky scenery, breathtaking coastlines, an eclectic culture and friendly people. TAP offers flights to Portugal from 14 airports throughout mainland and islands so that you can experience all that this country has to offer in comfort.
Flying to Portugal is an ideal way to kick-off your holiday, particularly if you plan on visiting the Azores or Madeira islands. Popular with British tourists for their climate, cuisine and relaxed pace of life, these islands are sure to please.
Train tickets to Portugal are an easy and economical way of traveling between major cities of this stunning nation. Many can be booked online at much cheaper prices than airline tickets.
Trains are an excellent option for exploring smaller towns and villages within the country. You may also wish to consider using buses or taxis depending on your itinerary. In Lisbon, the metro system provides a quick, cost-effective way to travel from the airport to most areas of the city.
Traveling to Portugal by train is a popular way to discover the country. There are an array of trains connecting major cities, international destinations and small villages throughout Portugal.
There are various train types, such as the Alfa Pendular, Intercidades (Intercity), Regional (R) and Interregional (IR), Urban (U), and Commuter. Of these trains, only the Alpha-Pendular is fast and modern with a bar, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi service available.
Regional and Interregional trains cover shorter distances but are less comfortable, offering fewer amenities. Urban trains, which are common in larger cities like Lisbon or Porto, provide a cost-effective alternative to the Alpha-Pendular train service.
To find the cheapest and most convenient train to Portugal, it’s best to book ahead. With Omio you can search routes between your departure and destination cities to get an estimate of prices.
Traveling to Portugal by bus can be an efficient and economical way to get around. To determine what bus services are available where you’re going, ask the tourist information center or local bus companies.
In Portugal, there are a few main intercity and regional bus companies such as Rede Expressos (information in Portuguese), Renex (218 956 836), EVA and Rodonorte. These services run throughout the country to major cities as well as some smaller towns and villages.
Before booking your trip, be sure to check the timetables and ticket prices for each route as they can differ between companies. Furthermore, determine whether it’s possible to purchase your tickets online or at the bus station.
Many payment processors in Portugal will reject non-Portuguese credit cards, so using PayPal when booking bus tickets is always a wise idea. It’s usually more cost effective than using a credit card and you’ll save money on the fare!
Rental Cars
If you want to explore all that Portugal has to offer, renting a car is the ideal solution. Not only will it enable you to reach difficult-to-reach attractions, but you’ll be able to explore the country on your own terms.
Rental cars are available at all major airports throughout Portugal, Madeira and the Azores. It’s not recommended to wait until you arrive in the country to rent a car since many are already booked up.
When renting a car, the primary factor to consider is its size. Hiring an SUV or station wagon that you won’t use for sightseeing isn’t worth it; smaller models might work just as well.
You’ll also want to know how much gas the car can hold. Be sure to return it with exactly the same amount of fuel as when you picked it up, otherwise additional charges may apply.

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